3,500 job vacancies across the Country News

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3,500 job vacancies across the Country

Data: 12.01.2022
3,500 job vacancies across the Country 3,500 job vacancies across the Country

The unemployment rate in Brazil dropped to 12.1% in the quarter ended in October 2021, but we still have about 12.9 million unemployed people, according to data by IBGE. Contrary to this scenario, AlmavivA do Brasil offers around 2,500 job openings for the role of service operator. In addition, we also provide 1,000 vacancies for people with disabilities.

Job vacancies are available in several cities where the Company operates: Aracaju (SE), Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Guarulhos (SP), Itu (SP), Juiz de Fora (MG), Jundiaí ( SP), Limeira (SP), Maceió (AL), São Paulo (SP) and Teresina (PI).

According to the Fernando Braga, Head of HR, the vacancies available present a path for young people who want to conquer their first job or even for people over 50 who need to resume their professional career, in addition to the possibility of professional growth. The activities refer to receptive service to consumers of major brands with a six-hour workday.

Vacancy requirements – To apply, you must be 18 years of age or older, have completed high school, have clear, humanized communication and basic computer knowledge. To participate in the selection process, the candidate must register through the website https://www.formacaomercadologica.com.br.

Benefits – The contract includes some benefits, such as transportation vouchers, food vouchers or meal vouchers, medical and dental assistance, life insurance, discounts on gyms, payroll-deductible loans, day care allowance and discounts at educational institutions.

Fernando Braga points out that the Company’s operating segment generates opportunities for team growth, access to technologies, knowledge about customer behavior and experiences, flexible hours and source of income to fulfill a dream such as entering a university, for example, in addition to training and qualification for the professionalization process in a more structured environment.