AlmavivA do Brasil credit collection sector registers profits News

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AlmavivA do Brasil credit collection sector registers profits

Data: 05.02.2019
AlmavivA do Brasil credit collection sector registers profits AlmavivA do Brasil credit collection sector registers profits

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the use of charges in call centers has been a well-accepted and recommended practice, so it has been used in the Country by several States and companies. The service has gained prominence, mainly due to the economic scenario, since there is an increase in delinquency in public and private sectors.

The credit collection sector accounts for approximately 9% of the portfolio of AlmavivA do Brasil, one of the main companies in the contact center segment, customer relationship management (CRM) and trade marketing in Brazil. Clients are, in general, large organizations in the Financial Services, TelCo & Media, and Retail industries.

“Through this service, we have helped clients in different areas and segments to recover resources, as well as helping consumers themselves to make their payments and credits up to date and become potential consumers again,” said Domenico Rossi, Operations Director at AlmavivA of Brazil. According to the executive manaegr, the work developed in this field was able to recover about R $ 5,5 billion for customers, only in 2018.

The credit collection Dept. of the Company, always aiming at the best and most efficient end-customer experience, has an omni-channel platform allowing to work in a cooperative and orchestrated way the various communication channels. Solutions used range from SMS or Whatsapp, virtual agent and multi-service trading portals, always with the purpose of promoting alternatives according to customer profile and debt value.

Award-winning expertise – Not by chance, in this field of activity, the C is a reference and has received several awards, such as: Standard Quality Award, as the Best Credit Collection and Recovery Operation; ACC Conquest Award, as the best Credit Collection Partner Company; National Award for Teleservices as the Best Credit and Collection Management Company, both in 2013. CONAREC Prize, as the Best Credit Collection Operation and Credit Recovery, in 2015 and 2016. Prêmio Melhores do Tri, an important partner of the financial segment, as Best Customer Service Company in 2017. And last year, the 5th CONAREC in the category “Grandes Operações” – Cobrança e Recuperação.