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Data analysis and use of human and artificial intelligence

Data: 22.10.2021
Data analysis and use of human and artificial intelligence Data analysis and use of human and artificial intelligence

Providing an innovative and assertive experience for the end consumer requires a combination of metrics and data analysis that must be applied with the use of human intelligence and the introduction of technologies for a more agile and financially viable service operation for each business model.

This was the path presented by our Executive Director of Operations, Eduardo Morelli, during the panel “Tech Centric: How new technologies, automation and metrics can make the operation more efficient and less costly”, during the INNOVATION XPERIENCE CONFERENCE 2021 program. had as its central theme: Innovation, Technology and Digitalization in the economic recovery and took place last weekend, in São Paulo (SP).

The panel also included the participation of Gabriela Amaral, Customer Experience Strategy Manager AMBEV, Marcelo Martins, CTO at GetNinjas, Pedro Paiva, digital Analytics coordinator of Banco Carrefour and Eder Cota, COO of Monetizze.

In the opinion of the experts present at the event, the Brazilian market is maturing and many companies have already realized in practice that providing experiences according to the needs of each client brings good results for the business. At the same time, they warn that each brand must increasingly improve the concept of backoffice in its structures, advances that will provide greater clarity about the right time to communicate and what information to convey to each consumer.

Eduardo Morelli explains that AlmavivA do Brasil has a gigantic database on the behavior of millions of consumers in different sectors of the economy. Regarding the LGPD rules and the requirements of each company, he explains that our company is capable of analyzing data and metrics that can generate value for society as a whole, that is, we are able to present paths, trends and support in taking decisions for several companies from different sectors in our Country.

Offering a product or service according to the real interests of each customer, providing ultra-fast delivery, assertively remembering a consumption need, and so on, depend on a thorough analysis of data and metrics that must be applied by the human intelligence and at specific times by the disruptive technologies we offer to the market. In other words, a balance between human service and the use of robots is necessary for an operation that is adequate for the consumer and economically viable for each type of operation, highlighted Morelli during the event.