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Black Tie Mentorship: equality for professional development

Data: 20.11.2021
Black Tie Mentorship: equality for professional development Black Tie Mentorship: equality for professional development

After 5 months with many exchanges of experiences for employees from the administrative and operational areas, the “Black Tie Mentorship” program developed by AlmavivA Inclusion and Diversity Committee has just formed its first group of mentors working in different units of the Company.

During the training ceremony, our CEO Francesco Renzetti recalled that “the project is a way that AlmavivA found to provide opportunities and professionally develop our black talents”.

The Committee’s President, and Head of Operations, Paula Santana Lopes, highlighted that the graduates are already able to compete for leadership positions in the near future, with equality before all team members. The Head of Human Resources, Fernando Braga, highlighted that this event is a milestone in the history of Almaviva do Brasil and that it is a privilege to be able to contribute to the development of selected professionals, who are now part of a selected group prepared to assume executive positions in the Company.

The Black Tie program was launched on June 17, 2021. Its purpose is to put into practice and strengthen concepts of inclusion and diversity that have always been intrinsic to AlmavivA’s organizational culture.

Check out testimonials from our mentees and how this project brought experiences and professional growth to their lives.

Thais Pedroso (mentee)
“I have been with the company for several years and I can say that I have followed the growth. A few years ago, we had 3,000 employees and today we are a huge team with 33,000 members. I feel very represented when participating in a project like the Black Tie one. I started my work here as an analyst and today I am a coordinator. I am very grateful for the opportunities given here.”

Ingrid (mentee)
“The Black Tie program has fantastic planning, generates opportunities, and promotes the exchange of experiences. I wish that the mentees who graduated today can exchange their experiences with the team and become future mentors. It was an honor to participate in this training and I intend to become a mentor, too.”

Railene (mentee)
“The issue of social inclusion has always been very strong at AlmavivA. I can say that participating in this initiative has only enriched my professional life and I wish that the mentees can share their experiences with more employees of the Company.”

Guilherme Silverio (mentee)
“My mentor in the project presented ways to improve my performance during customer service operations.”

Black Awareness Day
The graduation of employees of the Black Tie program took place close to the Black Awareness Day, celebrated on November 20, and which serves as a reflection for society in relation to the importance of African culture in the development of Brazilian cultural identity.

In view of this, our collaborator and mentor, Davi Prates, developed a poem depicting this situation in our Country. In an excerpt, he also mentions his experience in our work environment.

From AlmavivA
We are all the same, that’s what they say
Each one has its value, its power and its cross
They try to convince me while the heritage leads me
To the place of silence where I subsist,
Where I often give up
For not being worthy of being happy
3 centuries of slavery and 3 more go away from denial
That humanity was taken from us
Our damned race
To be the edge of the nation
that even being the majority
Live the dark reality
Of invisibility by pre-conviction
I’m the black of the market
The waiter, the nanny and the maid
Whose family is left
For yours to be taken care of
And your car gets washed
We won’t be like this anymore
And for everything to end
It takes engagement
We can’t be calm anymore
Why does it hurt here in the Soul
And I don’t just speak for myself
It’s a one way way
Recognize all kinds of life
Each with their talent
Reinforcement here at this moment
The leaders of AlmavivA
That every day is a chip that falls
For with every step we create a future
More just, dignified and safe
When the purpose doesn’t betray itself
Welcome to BlackTie
Author: David Prates