AlmavivA invests in permanent home office for Admin Staff News

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AlmavivA invests in permanent home office for Admin Staff

AlmavivA do Brasil has adopted tthe home office approach, which will be available also after the pandemic.

Data: 30.06.2020
AlmavivA invests in permanent home office for Admin Staff AlmavivA invests in permanent home office for Admin Staff

To face the pandemic caused by the COVID-19, many companies have adapted operations and changed routine activities with their staff in order to keep up with service continuity and safeguard everybody’s health. Among the top 5 companies in the Country, AlmavivA do Brasil, too, has adopted this approach and is already the way of working, which will be after the pandemic, as well. At current time, more than 60%  of customer care operations are carried out in home office and, as for today, in the headquarters of São Paulo, all the Admin Depts., which have already changed in the performance mode among teams from the beginning of the emergency, will work on a remote mode permanently.

It is about 150 people in the Staff Dept. in  São Paulo moving onto permanent shifts in home office and in-presence work, with 50% of their activities fulfilled in each shift. “This decision was taken because, given with all changes due to the pandemic, during which we gave priority to the health of our employees, the Company can assess that there was an improvement in time, efficiency, and commitment to this remote work mode, as well as providing a better quality of life for agents”, explains Francesco Renzetti, CEO of the Company.

According to the survey carried out between March and April – with 1,300 professionals in different positions – through recruitment and selection Kenoby software, 90% of them consider that home office will be the future of enterprises. And AlmavivA has been betting on this model for a while having, since 2015, the largest home based outsourced operations inBrazil. In addition to this, by the end of the past year, it launched the AV Home solution, combining cutting-edge technology with professionals specialized in remote work management, enablingg the Company to offer this type of service in full security and on a large scale (which is a key factor for the success of the emergency migration for this model at the beginnign of the pandemic).