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Information Security Policy for Suppliers
Data Subject Rights

The Information Security and Privacy Policy for suppliers has basic guidelines ensuring:

1. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Organization's information, through the use of information security and privacy mechanisms, balancing risk, technology and cost factors.

2. Adequate protection of information and systems against unauthorized access, copying, reading, modification, destruction and unauthorized disclosure.

3. That information assets are used only for the purposes approved by the Organization, being subject to monitoring, traceability and auditing.

4. The participation of the Organization's staff in the Information Security and Privacy Awareness Program.

5. The existence of processes for business continuity and security incident management for protection, detection, response and recovery from cyber attacks.

6. The compliance with this Policy, the Organization's Information Security and Privacy Standards and Rules.

7. Senior management commitment to the continuous improvement of processes and resources necessary for Information Security and Privacy. 

The Information Security and Privacy, within its competences to guarantee the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information of AlmavivA Group companies in Brazil, prepared this document, containing the necessary requirements to guarantee the security of information, thus mitigating the risks associated with information leakage.

The Information Security and Privacy Policy for suppliers has basic guidelines ensuring:

Information Security and Privacy Policy for Suppliers

Know your main rights

Confirmation and Access: Confirm if there are one or more activities performed by AlmavivA do Brasil that use your personal information, in addition to being able to obtain a copy of your personal data and other information related to you.

Correction: Correction of incomplete, incorrect or outdated data, so that we can have correct and accurate information about you.

Note: If you are an employee of AlmavivA do Brasil, to correct your data, please Contact HR.

Anonimization, Blocking or Deletion: You may request AlmavivA do Brasil to anonymize, block or delete your data if they are unnecessary for the purpose of processing, excessive for the pursuit of the objective or the activity is in disagreement with the stated purposes or the treatment is not justifiable by law. If you no longer wish to have your personal data processed by AlmavivA do Brasil, you can request the deletion of your information from our database.

Please remember: data necessary to comply with a legal (contractual) or regulatory obligation or for legitimate processing purposes cannot be deleted.

Portability: Request the sharing of your data provided to AlmavivA do Brasil, that is, the portability of your data, to another service or product provider.

Information sharing: Information about public and private entities with which AlmavivA do Brasil shares the use of its data.

Note: this information, for employees, is available in the Internal Privacy Notice, available on the Employee Portal > Rules of Conduct > Regulations.

Withdrawal of Consent and Related Information: Your consent may be revoked at any time by express manifestation. You can also request information about the possibility of not providing your consent and what the consequences would be for your relationship with AlmavivA do Brasil.

Automated decision review: Right to request review of decisions taken solely on the basis of automated processing of your data and that affect your interests.

To communicate one of the above requests:

Know your main rights

Data Subject Rights